Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Beautiful Women of Hong Kong

If you have ever been to HongKong then you know that it is the home of some of the most beautifulwomen in the world. The Asian women are always so beautiful, but the Hong Kong women out shine them all.
When I have lunch with Manna and her sisters, I feel so proud. Everyone looks at us because they are VERY beautiful. I can see the wonder on their faces as to why these beautiful women choose to dine with me! My Manna makes me the happiest man in the world!
It is the custom to fill everyones tea when you fill your own from the tea pot.It is also polite to knock on the table a short rap, or say " ngoy". Whenever Mannas' sister, Ming fills me I must say " ngoy, Gottsei" This means " Thank you, Sister". I think she enjoys hearing me say this, and I am very proud to do it. I feel very close to Manna and her sisters. They welcome me, and give me a good feeling.Even though they do not smoke,they want me to be comfortable,and tell me it is OK for me to smoke after we eat.
Soon I will return to Hong Kong. My wife is still there. The Immigration process is a long,drawn out, tedious one.The lawyer says maybe February everything will be finished, and then my wife and son can join me here in our home. We have waited a long time,and we will do whatever must be done so that we can have our happy family life. We have high hopes for a very bright future, and we feel nothing can stop us. We " Endeavor to Perservere". and we will have our dream fulfilled!
The Statue of Liberty has this inscription on a plaque at her feet........
" Keep,Ancient Lands, your storied pomp
Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free
The Wretched Refuse of your teeming shores......
Send these, the homeless, the Tempest tost to me!
I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door!"
I wish these words rang as true today as the day this plaque was inscribed and placed.
What has happened to the spirit that has made this beautiful country so great?
I pray to my God that we can get it back. I also thank Him for Manna every day.


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