Wednesday, August 17, 2005

As The Mouse Loves The Rice

Manna is the love of my life and also the one that loves me as the mouse loves the rice. Whenever I feel down or low,she is the one that can bring me back to life. She does many things for me,and maybe I do not thank her enough for everything. She really is the best woman in the world,and sometimes this worries me because I really don't know why she can love me. I am not handsome. I am not rich. I am not an excellent lover, and I am often a pain in her ass.
I do know that I love her more than I have ever loved, and I know that there is no chance that someone will love her more than I love her.. Manna is my whole world. She is my every thought,and is the star in allof my dreams.
We will have a beautiful future together, Baby!
Thank you for EVERYTHING! I will love you forever!


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