Saturday, March 05, 2005

No Trust, no Love?

Someone very special to me said these words to me, and it made me think very hard about them.
I see that it is better to have trust and love together in a relationship. I also can see that I have loved people in my past ,but I did not really have a great deal of trust in them.
For example, when my daughter was a teen ,and she wanted to do something that she knew I would not approve of, she would sometimes lie to me about where she was going, what she was doing, or who she was with.. Even though I knew she was lying to me, and it was clear that she could not be trusted always, I never stopped loving her, and my love was never less. After some time she regained my trust by proving to me that she could be trusted. And I never stopped loving her. Perhaps my love made her wish to regain my trust. Trust is not something that is freely given away, but must be earned. We must work to gain someones' trust, and then we must keep working to keep it.Sometimes it is hard work. If we do something that CAUSES someone not to trust us, it is our own responsibility to re- claim this trust. To have the trust of someone is a very good thing. If we are trusted , we can build something very good on this foundation. Sometimes, when we love someone very much, it is easy for us to give someone the chance to build back a broken trust. And, if the love is very strong , trust is not very difficult to re-build.
These are my thoughts on this subject. Anyone care to comment?


Blogger Angela Scott Bueno said...

I agree : )

4:45 PM  
Blogger manna yip said...

I am agree too

8:31 AM  

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