Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Out of the mouths of babes...

One October eve, at the Lam Tin MTR station resturant in Hong Kong , I was having some dinner with my fiance, Manna, and her son Ho Ming. After finishing my dinner and smoking a cigarette, I placed a Listerine Breath Strip in my mouth for the obvious reason. Manna also wanted one for her mouth, as well. Of course Ho Ming also wanted one for his mouth, so I placed it on his tongue for him. If you are familiar with these, you know that they are very powerful, and it was more than the poor little guy expected. As it was stuck securely to his tongue, it was impossible to spit it out. He asked his mother why we put these things in our mouths, and she explained to him that it would make our breath smell fresh after smoking. He then asked her " why did he put it in my mouth? I am not smoking!"


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