Friday, April 01, 2005

Walk of PAIN!

In our lives, we may walk a painful walk in many ways.
This story is not about some pain in my heart or my mind. There will be more to folllow on this page about THAT! This walk was a walk of actual pain.
Near Mannas' sisters home in Hong Kong, there is a peculiar attraction. This is an oval track with many egg - shaped stones placed in the mortar in such a fashion that they protrude from the mortar with the narrow side of the egg pointing sky- ward. It resembles a running track, as you might see in a track and field competition.
When we approached this track, Manna said, " If you walk around this track, you will know All the pain in your body."
Since I didn't understand what she meant by this, and assuming this was some ancient Chinese cure for pain , or something, I took off my shoes and embarked on my journey. I did well for a little while. Before i reached the first turn, I realized something.All of the pain in my body was in my feet! I remember asking her, before I began, if she would join me in my walk. She told me that she had already done this in the past, so there was no need to do it again.
After I made the first turn, the pain was intense! I was now moving much slower, and each step became more painful than the last.
Noone has ever accused me of being a quitter, and there was no way I would admit defeat! Manna had done this, so so could I!
When I finally made it all the way around to where I had begun, Manna was laughing so hard that I thought she would burst a seam! I asked her if she did this faster than I did it . She then looked me in the eyes and said, " I have never walked this track before! Do you think I am crazy!"
Ha! She really got me good, and this was not April Fools Day! It was October!
I can see that life with Manna will never be boring. She has a very good sense of humor, and her laugh is like music to my ears.
I will walk this walk again, Baby, if you will reward me with your sweet laugh again!


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will you remember forever?

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