Sunday, November 13, 2005

For my Wonderful, Beautiful, Caring Wife

Dearest Manna,

There are so many reasons that I love you like I do. There is no question in my mind that you are Gods answer to my prayers.The way that you show me you love me is like a breath of fresh air! Noone has ever cared enough about my happiness to do the things that you do for me. You always are doing something to make my life happier.Your kind heart is one of the beautiful things that makes you the best. ( and your smile is "Top Model "quality! Killer!) When I see that you give a monthly donation to help fight AIDS, I was very impressed with you! You hardly have enough for yourself, and you give it away to those in desperate need. The way you try to repair my relationships with my family, and do something to make it strong is something that makes my heart warm. And I can feel that you warm their hearts, as well. You are very much loved here in Golden City, Missouri. Even it is exactly opposite of Hong Kong, there are many that are anxious to welcome you and Ho Ming with open arms.We are proud to have you as one of us. I am very proud to be your husband.( anyone that has read this blog knows this, already!)
The time draws more near that we can be together forever.Seems like it has been a very long road we travel, and maybe we are nearing its end. And the new beginning! We already have a collection of very good memories, and our lives are still ahead of us. I am looking forward to creating a collection of LIFETIME memories! Every day is a special one with you in my life. Tasha says you are my lifesaver.She speaks what I have known for a long time.
Thank you for what you did for me, B aby.......You know what I mean.....


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