Monday, September 05, 2005

Mark And Mannas' WEDDING!

On June 26,2005 Mark and Manna exchanged wedding vows .This was done in traditional Hong Kong fashion at the Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural Center. Mannas family and some of her friends attended this ceremony, and it was a beautiful, although somewhat businesslike affair. To quote her brother in law, Tony......" I often buy apartments this way"! There was much congratulating and picture taking, and we had a very good time!After the ceremony we quickly changed into our normal clothes and MORE picture taking!Later that evening we met for a very special wedding dinner. There was so much food! I ate many things and I still don't even know what it was! For desert there was some kind of sweet bean dish. Manna insisted I try it, so I did. I have never liked beans very much, so after one taste, I had had all I wanted.She asked, " Don't you like it?" I replied." In the USA, this is a poor mans' dinner!"
I really am a very lucky man to have Manna to love me. I thank God for her every day.Look at these pics below, and you will see the face of a VERY proud man deep in love !

Aren't we a very cute couple? (she is much cuter than I!) Posted by Picasa

A Match Made in Heaven! Posted by Picasa

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Mark and Mannas' wedding! Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Mirror

The mirror has not been my friend for several years now. I am getting used to the stares and the double-takes from strangers. It is not my fault that this has happened to me. But I must live with this, and so must my beautiful Manna. She more than I, actually.
Now I really have no need for a mirror. My Mannas face is my mirror. When I look in her eyes, and see the love and her beautiful smile , I feel like a handsome man once again!
Some will say that it is not what shows on the outside, but what is inside of us that matters. I would like to take this one step further. It is not what is inside us, but what we DO that makes us who we are........

My Manna does everything for me......

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Going back, again!

My Wifes' Pretty Face......
In a few weeks I will return to my Manna in Hong Kong for the fourth time in one year. I suppose this makes me some kind of frequent flyer, or international traveller?
Anyway, I am very excited and really looking forward to this as I do every other time. Even though the flight is a long and boring one, it is well worth it when I can see my Baby in the arrival hall!My heart will skip a beat or two as it has each time in the past. I am sure I will be grinning like a fool as I drop my luggage so I can free my hands to hold her and pull her close to me!
This is kind of stuff that makes a strong man emotional.This is what I live for.This is my best dream coming true. I thought I knew what love was . What did I know? Until Manna, I knew nothing of love.
We have tickets for the brand new " Hong Kong Disneyland". I am sure this will be an excellent day for the three of us.There are two in the USA, but I will see it for the first time in HK!
Even though I know this will be a very fun day, seeing Manna again will be the best part of a trip to Hong Kong, for me.
To be in love with such a wonderful woman is very easy to do! Sometimes it makes me a little crazy. Sometimes I am so crazy I cannot sleep.
I am sorry, Baby. I am only a man alone. Please try to understand me.
I will love you until the end of time!